Michael Krasny

"Helga writes from the heart and she puts lucidly into prose good, sound and wise advice about the ways for us to begin needed conversations across the generation chasm."

– Host of KQED Forum and author of Spiritual Envy: An Agnostic's Quest



Stan Jernigan

"A pathway, guide and instruction book for dealing with two taboo subjects – money and death. Helga shows how families can avoid misunderstandings about these two issues. This book should be mandatory reading for every parent and adult child."

–Founder, The Mentor Group



Robert Burton, M.D.

"A common sense approach to rethinking personal relationships in the light of not-so-intuitively obvious cognitive science discoveries."

– Author of On Being Certain: Believing That You Are Right Even When You're Not



Bruce Feldstein, M.D.

"I've seen the peace that comes to families who can have the conversations included in this book."

– Director, The Jewish Chaplaincy
Stanford University Medical Center



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Moving People from Best Intentions to Action

Financial and legal professionals deal with law, logic and numbers. Planning for legacy is about emotions. Helga Hayse creates the emotional urgency needed to start these crucial conversations. Your work will be easier, more satisfying and comprehensive when clients are receptive to your suggestions.


The Allianz Life Insurance Study

Study after study shows that there is a disconnect between what people say they do, and what they actually do. For example, a study by Allianz Life in 2005 found that although boomers and seniors say they are having talks about legacy and inheritance, most of the conversations are not resulting in meaningful or productive action.

Boomers say they feel morbid, greedy and intrusive asking their parents personal questions. Many admit to concerns that their parents haven’t provided the legal structures they would need to be able to help them if needed. They realize how urgent these personal questions are, but often defer to their parents to raise them.

Their parents also feel awkward about raising the subjects of inheritance and legacy. This generation isn’t comfortable discussing “touchy subjects’ , talking about their feelings or initiating conversations that make their children uncomfortable.


Helga teaches family members how to talk productively about touchy subjects like money, death, regrets and forgiveness. Her presentation includes:



How she survived sudden widowhood through planning

How longevity and finances impact each other

Why money and death are hot button subjects

How to raise dfficult issues respectfully

Why crucial conversations matter

Her message emphasizes the importance of taking action today by

consulting your legal and financial professional today.


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Build Your Own Legacy Binder
Build Your Own Legacy Binder


What Readers Say

Are there relationship issues which need to be cleared up? Have you shared your important values and truths with your loved ones? Are there any amends you would wish to make or forgiveness you would seek?  This is a book from which all can benefit as they contemplate their own deaths or the loss of those they love.  – Susan Gilbert  Read More...
Money Love & Legacy offers what most of us need and desire in our heart-of-hearts --- a gentle and extremely informative guidebook for dealing with two taboo subjects: money and death. The "Legacy Binder" (a step-by-step guide to assembling critical papers and information) alone is worth the price. – Marya Charles Alexander  Read More...  
Helga Hayse takes emotionally charged, difficult topics between parents, children and family members, and provides wise and relevant advice on why it's so important to talk about them.  Grudges, anger, perceived wrongs, misunderstandings, whatever, will all be trumped eventually by death and its finality.   – E. Charnes  Read More...
After buying and reading this book, my husband and I began a series of conversations with our elderly parent, our adult children and stepchildren and most important, with each other about how we want to plan our own futures. – Tira Meesue  Read More...
I have seen the harm caused by families not discussing these important matters before it is too late. Yesterday, I handed my three grown daughters each a copy, and I'm actually looking forward to our future conversations with this book as our guide. – Barbara Crary  Read More...